I like words. Words are tools – which can be used to build or to destroy. This time of year, exhausted from Christmas, we are fed this narrative that we must change, that we are not enough, that next year – we must do better, be better. I’ve refused to resolve for years – mostly as an allergic reaction (insert tiny Reta, stomping feet, “you aren’t the boss of me!!”)

The thing of it is that to resolve (or make a resolution) is to firmly decide on a course of action. Or to find a solution to a challenge or problem. That sounds a whole lot more empowering that forcing ourselves into some desperate, terrifying set of eating/vice denial/behavioural mouse traps. 

What decisions would I like to firmly make?

In 2017, I resolve to listen to my heart, to nourish my body, and to take care of myself. 

In 2017, I want to adventure with my husband and my daughter.

In 2017, I will make sawdust (my real job is as the ground person/quotes with our tree service Bee EZ Tree Service )

In 2017, I want to share my love of sauerkraut, liver, and lentils through demonstrations and workshops. 

In 2017, I will make another lap around the sun. 

What will you decide to do in 2017?

Would you like to join me on a kitchen adventure? 


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