What I am all about

I spend every day adventuring.


Whether it is in a moment with my daughter, or on the plate at supper, or finding a new spice, you name it. There is adventure in the everyday.

How I got to here has been an adventure. I moved out when I was 17 and part of what I thought would “prove” I was a grown up would be the ability to make a great bowl of soup. Not just any ole bowl of soup. A “oh-my-goodness-can-I-get-the-recipe-there-isn’t-a-recipe-maybe-just-another-bowl” kind of soup. My poor roommate Trish suffered through so many watery bowls of chicken soup while I read and researched how to make a great stock, and then use that as a flavourful foundation.

In the ensuing years, I have been a truck driver, sold insurance, shoes, and fasteners, owned a restaurant, completed a 4 year degree in CRS and Religion and Culture, explained WW1 logistics and battle strategies in the fields of France, walked in the footsteps of Jesus, renovated 100+ year old buildings, lifted hundreds of tonnes of logs, and became an owner/partner of Bee EZ Tree Service.

Oh and I married the smartest, coolest person I’ve ever met. And after a decade, we brought a tiny person into the world.

Looking forward to seeing you in the kitchen



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