Candy that is GOOD!!! for you????

One of my favourite things about traditional foods is wrestling a food that has been declared – evil! bad for you! not on the food guide! – back and enjoying the simple deliciousness of real food! Examples? Eggs! Beef! Fat! (Those are posts for another day!)

Today we talk gummy candy! The chewy awesome-ness that can be captured with one simple ingredient-gelatin!!  When I was a kid, my mom used to eat gelatin because it was supposed to be good for your fingernails? What we do know is that is is very soothing for the gut! And it’s always good to have recipes with four ingredients!

Reta’s Gummy Fun!

1.5 cups juice (we used cherry for one batch and apricot for the other)

0.5 cup lemon or lime juice (to achieve that sweet/sour balance)

.25 cup maple syrup 

6 T. Gelatin 

Bring juice and syrup to nearly a boil. Remove pot from heat and whisk in the gelatin in batches (I did 2 T – 3X)

Let cool in the pot for 5-10 mins, then pour into a **lightly** lubricanted pan (i use the tiniest amount of coconut oil) It will gel on the counter or in the fridge. 

Flip out on a cutting board, use a pizza cutter or cookie cutters! 

Make 9X13 cookie sheet 

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