Summer loving

There is an Internet phenomenon (is it tumbler? tweets? memes?) listing pictures of women laughing at salads. Apparently it is also a search term for advertisers. Now you will see it everywhere. (There is probably a subset of “woman chuckling at yogurt”)

I am in vegetable heaven since our CSA (through Brown Sugar Produce) started a few weeks ago. I do not eat a lot of lettuce/leafy things over the winter, because it seems like proto-compost (and the food miles and the drought/flooding of California- just too many problems)

So when summer kicks in, and the spring mix is flowing, you got to eat and laugh!

I am calling this Greek-ish! Delicious tomatoes and cucumbers, topped with cubed feta, with a drizzle of good olive oil and black pepper!
Chef Salad! Ham, cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds, and cucumbers, sitting on a bed of BSP spring mix, and topped by edible flowers. I make my salad dressing to order – it is hiding at the bottom of the bowl!
A rasp makes cheese snow! Which makes for a beautiful backdrop to these edible pansies!
Sesame Satay Dressing!

I generally tend towards a classic French vinaigrette but then I use a squirt of mayo to make it a bit creamy/emulsified.

You can check out Brown Sugar Produce (one of my favorite farming families – Teri, Jon, Myrah, Steph, and team) every Friday at Lady of the Lake (or get on the list for the CSA next year!) Follow them on Facebook (Teri does a far better job than me of keeping up with blog posts!)

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  1. I love me a good salad AND a good laugh!! That’s a hilarious Google search. I want to see your version, lol!!


    1. You definitely make good salad much easier!! The weird part of the “women laughing at salads” is that they are all alone. Cmon ladies! Salad isn’t penance!


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