Soup-er times!

See what I did there? Oh, puns. Both the most clever and the lowest form of humour. 

Winter is a time for soup. And the best way to start soup is with your own bone broth. Is it hard? Not if you can operate a stove and a tap. Seriously! Of all the things that need to learned to unlock a kitchen achievement – broth is pretty simple. Place bones in pot – cover with water – simmer until it smells delicious – strain – use in a soup recipe, or chill and freeze until you need it. 

Like when a huge blizzard hits your province and everything shuts down for two days. 

Excellent time for soup! 

Bacon corn chowder!

Fry a few slices of bacon, roughly chopped. Remove from cooked bacon from pan. Throw in some diced celery and onion into the bacon fat in the pan. Cool until softened. Peel and chop a few carrots and potatoes. Throw those in. Barely cover with broth. Summer until vegetables are soft. Throw a bump or two of whipped cream in the pot, and a few handfuls of frozen corn. 

Let warm through – five mins or so. 

Ladle into bowls – top with sour cream and cooked bacon bits!


And stay warm out there! 

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