Cuddles and Soup!

A flu hit our house recently, which meant that I needed to make some soup and in a hurry! I nearly always have beef bones, or a chicken carcass in the freezer, so mirepoix away and we were in business. I roasted off some oxtail and beef bones, left them bubbling over night with some ACV. In the morning, I diced at least one of every root vegetable on hand (and at this time of year, that means something – parsnip, rutabaga, potato, carrot, onions, and sweet potato. Also – some rice and celery)

I am not going to weigh in on flu shots (I don’t get one – but I did get a measles booster when the kid got her shot) But it seems to me the best way to stay healthy is to be reasonable. Eat healthy food, get some sleep, and move around a little. And wash your hands.

As for the kid – first time in 14 months that she has been sick (not counting a one day temperature around her 1st birthday) I am ok if she sticks to that pace. Sick once a year, but for like 2 weeks. We could plan around it!

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